STEM Classes

An aerospace start-up. Run by students.

Young Inventors

Ages:          6-8, and 9-12
Time:          60 minutes
Build foundational skills and express your creativity.

Robot Pioneers

Ages:          12+
Time:          90 minutes
Take on projects that make our world a little better.

Mission Team

Ages:          By invitation
Time:          180 minutes
Join the front lines of a high tech aerospace start-up.

Story Time

Ages:          3-5

Robo Dojo's Mission:

  • Empower our students for the next tech revolution.
  • Develop open projects we all benefit from.
  • Encourage our students to be entrepreneurs.
  • Change the world.

What is "Robo Dojo"?

STEM is the latest hotness.  Something about Jack Britt ISTA program here. 

We encourage our students to work together when problem solving and that more can be accomplished with teamwork!

Most importantly we make learning fun for kids!  More words about how playing is learning.


5948 Fisher Rd.
Fayetteville, NC 28306

Want your child to succeed? So do we.

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