3D Printing & Design

Become a matter hacker!

  • Ages 10 and up
  • 2 month minimum
  • $45 per month
  • Start any time

Our 3D Printing and Design class is meant for students who want to specialize in 3D printing. This class enables students to use shop 3D printers without instructor assistance even when something goes wrong. Students will also learn design 3D prints for the many projects we have going on at Robo Dojo.

Students under 10 may take this class if they have completed Shop Skills and Safety and have an appropriate aptitude.

  • Calibrate the x, y, and z axes of a 3D printer
  • Select proper print material for desired functionality
  • Use Simplify 3D to prepare models for printing
  • Create 3D models using Fusion 360

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