Coding with Arduino

Code your physical world!

  • Ages 10 and up
  • 2 month minimum
  • $45 per month
  • Start any time

This ongoing series takes place in our YouTube studio and focuses on joining the technical and creative worlds so that untold numbers of students can learn along with us. We learn to program for a variety of sensors, actuators, and other I/O devices to make computers interpret and manipulate the physical world. Our hands-on project-based approach to learning ensures students experience each project from many vantage points. Students participating in our Coding with Arduino series will also be learning how to create YouTube tutorials and will be mentioned along with the roll they played in the ending credits to any video the help produce.

  • Build an electronic ruler using echolocation
  • Display project results on an LCD screen
  • Create a synchronized LED light show
  • Film Arduino tutorials for YouTube

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