STEM + Art Classes

What sets Robo Dojo classes apart?

  • We use a project based approach to learning
  • We will challenge your child to teach other students
  • Our classes are capped at 6 to 8 students
  • Some students choose to take one class indefinitely
  • Robo Dojo instructors and teachers are students first
student learning to solder

Shop Skills and Safety

  • Ages 6 and up
  • 2 month minimum
  • $30 per month
  • Start any time
This ongoing series introduces students to basic skills such as soldering, measuring, using a multi meter, and many other core skills used daily around our shop. Mastering these skills enables students to more thoroughly enjoy their maker experience at Robo Dojo and throughout life. Students who take this class seriously can earn opportunities to create their own projects.
  • Safely fix a broken power cord
  • Understand fractions when using a tape measure
  • Choose the right tool for the job
  • Get handy with a soldering iron


Current Shop Skills and Safety Classes

  • Mondays from 12:00 to 1:00
  • Thursdays from 4:45 to 5:45

Coding with Scratch

  • Ages 6 – 10
  • 2 month minimum
  • $45 per month
  • Start any time
Scratch is a visual programming language developed by MIT that helps kids learn foundational programming skills. Students will be introduced to key concepts shared by a variety of coding languages. Our two main goals of coding with scratch is to show students what’s possible and build their confidence to take on ever more complicated projects.
  • Program a racing game and see who can go the fastest.
  • Create a painting app to aid in their next masterpiece.
  • Build a Jeopardy style game and test each other on interesting trivia.
  • Tell your story with an animated storyboard.

Current Coding with Scratch Classes

  • Tuesdays from 11:15 to 12:15
Robo Dojo students coding with an Arduino.

Coding with Arduino

  • Ages 10 and up
  • 2 month minimum
  • $45 per month
  • Start any time
This ongoing series takes place in our YouTube studio and focuses on joining the technical and creative worlds so that untold numbers of students can learn along with us. We learn to program for a variety of sensors, actuators, and other I/O devices to make computers interpret and manipulate the physical world. Our hands-on project-based approach to learning ensures students experience each project from many vantage points. Students participating in our Coding with Arduino series will also be learning how to create YouTube tutorials and will be mentioned along with the roll they played in the ending credits to any video the help produce.
  • Build an electronic ruler using echolocation
  • Display project results on an LCD screen
  • Create a synchronized LED light show
  • Film Arduino tutorials for YouTube

Current Coding with Arduino Classes

  • Mondays from 4:00 to 5:00
  • Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:00
  • Fridays from 12:00 to 1:00

How Does My Body Work?

  • Ages 6 to 10
  • 12 week class
  • $30 per month
  • Start any time
This is a hands on introduction into the many systems in our bodies and how they work together. The teacher for this class is a certified personal trainer with a specialization on youth fitness who enjoys encouraging young people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This class is taught by our community teacher Savannah Renfroe. Students starting late will be prorated.
  • Identify 9 body systems and how they function
  • Learn how nutrition can optimize how your body systems work
  • Use fitness and exercise to maintain a healthy body

Current How My Body Works Classes

  • Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30

3D Printing and Design

  • Ages 10 and up

  • 2 month minimum

  • $45 per month

  • Start any time

Our 3D Printing and Design class is meant for students who want to specialize in 3D printing. This class enables students to use shop 3D printers without instructor assistance even when something goes wrong. Students will also learn design 3D prints for the many projects we have going on at Robo Dojo.

Students under 10 may take this class if they have completed Shop Skills and Safety and have an appropriate aptitude.

  • Calibrate the x, y, and z axes of a 3D printer
  • Select proper print material for desired functionality
  • Use Simplify 3D to prepare models for printing
  • Create 3D models using Fusion 360

Current 3D Printing and Design Classes

  • Fridays from 4:30 to 5:30
Backyard Meteorology students looking at the clouds

Backyard Meteorology

  • Ages 10 and up
  • 2 month minimum
  • $45 per month
  • Start any time
Students taking Backyard Meteorology will gain an understanding of the science behind weather systems as they learn the observational skills needed to make weather forecasts without using instruments or computer models. They also get the chance to work with and program remote sensors for the purpose of building a weather station.
  • Collect atmospheric data to predict the next day’s weather
  • Describe and use different weather prediction methods
  • Understand how the butterfly effect applies to weather systems
  • Develop a love for the weather
Teenagers sitting in a field talking about technology.

Tech Talks

  • Ages 13 and up
  • 2 month minimum
  • $45 per month
  • Start any time
This ongoing series focuses on gaining an understanding of the current technological outliers who’re innovating our future so we can have intelligent conversations about them. Each week we do an in-depth exploration of a new company doing amazing things in their industry and have a 15 to 20 minute conversation that we record and release as a weekly podcast.
  • What do successful startups have in common?
  • What technologies are coming up the pipeline?
  • What will upcoming technologies make possible?
  • What skills will be in high demand in the next 15 to 20 years?
  • We answer questions like these in every class.

Current Tech Talks Classes

  • Tuesdays from 5:15 to 5:30
Preschool Friends read a book at Robo Dojo.

Preschool Friends

  • Ages 4 to 5
  • 2 month minimum
  • $30 per month
  • Start any time
Calling all Preschool friends! We will be meeting once a week to work on preschool skills while having fun and socializing with fellow preschoolers. Classes are meant to also give parents ideas to expand on at home. This will be an ongoing series, so the class can continue indefinitely.

Current Preschool Friends Classes

  • Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30
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