2018 Summer Camps

  • 3D print parts for a Yagi Antenna.
  • Discover the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Communicate with satellites.
  • Prepare for amature radio license.

Our 2018 summer camp theme is Amateur Radio. Our STEAM based summer camps are packed with activities ranging the full spectrum of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Each activity is designed to inspire, inform, and motivate your child to excel in a hi tech world.

While some of our camps, such as Nerf Mod Week, are strictly for fun, most of our camps this year are designed to get students ready to take on team roles. This fall, we will have several teams of students working together as we prepare for our long term mission of building and launching a satellite. We hope you'll join us.

Maker fun at the Dojo

$120 Ages 5-7 and 7-9

We will guide your child through several fun projects designed to teach them the basics of electronics, computer programming, 3d printing, and shop safety. Upon completion, your child will have the foundational experience to take on much bigger projects.

Extreme Nerf mod week

$200 Ages 8 and up

We will safely guide your child through the process of modifying a Rival MXV 1200 Nerf gun.We will increase power, rate of fire, and accuracy. Along with getting hands on training in electronics and testing, your child will become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with in their next friendly neighborhood Nerf war. And yes, you get to take it home.

Introduction to amateur radio

$150 Ages 10 and up

This camp is designed to teach your child everything they need to know to earn their Technician level amateur radio license. Each of these camps also coincide with available local testing dates. Successful completion of this camp will enable your child to participate in upcoming high-altitude balloon experiments we’ll be launching during our 2018 fall semester.

Amateur radio satellites

$150 Ages 10 and up

Your child will learn how to track and listen to satellites traveling around the world at more than 17000 miles per hour. They will also learn how to construct a Yagi antenna to get the best reception. Students who have a current amateur radio operators license will also get the chance to talk to other radio operators around the world. Ask us how to get licensed.

Making with Arduino

$150 Ages 10 and up

Your child will learn to interface several sensors, output displays, and actuators with an Arduino microcontroller. They will also learn to program using the C++ language. Upon completion of this camp, your child will have the skills needed to define and complete projects of their own inspiration.

Arduino Masterclass

$300 Ages 10 and up

This camp is designed to take your child to the next level of Arduino programming. We will dive deep into how the Arduino works, how to design and build truly spectacular projects, and how to use Arduino as an IoT platform. This camp is split 30/70 between lecture and hands on training. As this is a full day camp, we recommend bringing a bag lunch.

Build your first website

$150 Ages 8 and up

While building their first website, your child will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Upon completion of this camp, your child will upload their new website to our hosting server where they can show off their work to friends, family, or the world. While being able to type is highly recommended, students should at least have a general understanding of how to type.

Slots are limited

Due to the technical nature of our camps, we limit each camp to no more than 8 students. This is to ensure we have good student/instructor ratios.

You can register online by scrolling down to our form. Once you finish; click send, and you'll receive an invoice withing 24 hours. There is no fee for this convenience.

We can also take registrations over the phone and in person. If you register via phone, we can email an electronic invoice to you, or take payment information over the phone for a small fee.

Accept for our Arduino Masterclass, each camp lasts 3 hours a day for 5 days. We recommend you bring a snack for your child.

If a camp isn't available on the form, it is likely sold out. We try to keep our summer camp student numbers below 8 students per camp.

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The Robo Dojo Experience

Each Robo Dojo summer camp is a choose your own adventure learning experience. We have literally hundreds of activities. Throughout each camp, students are given scenarios where they must make decisions that affect the outcome of their adventure.

Our camps are designed to empower your child to dream big and take charge. We purposely design our activities to drive their creativity and make them have to think on a larger scale about real world problems and life changing solutions. In short, your child will spend three hours a day, for five days, expanding what they know to be possible.

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Summer Camps

Our mission to Mars themed summer camps are a choose your own adventure learning experience. We have literally hundreds of activities that ensure each camp is unique and unexpected.

Student Members

Get all the perks of being a Robo Dojo member. Our Young Inventor, Robot Pioneer, and Elite level students get access to flexible class times, bonus classes, and free time to work on their projects.

Group Classes

We offer on and off site group classes for Boy Scout merit badges, home school groups, daycare's, field trips, and many other needs. We can design learning programs around your specific needs.

Birthday Parties

Make your next birthday party fun and educational. Choose from one of our themes, or tell us what your child really wants. We can make it happen. Robo Dojo birthday parties are hands on learning experiences.

What is STEAM based learning

  • Science.
  • Technology.
  • Engineering.
  • Art.
  • Math.

At Robo Dojo; STEAM based learning is all about using the full spectrum of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math in a high technology setting that inspires your child to stretch what they know to be possible, and develop a life long fascination with learning.

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